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Since introducing its first metal laser cutting machine in 1977, Mitsubishi Electric has been at the forefront of incorporating advanced technology, including artificial intelligence and augmented reality. MC Machinery supplies and services Mitsubishi fiber lasers, 2D CO2 lasers, multi-axis CO2 lasers, and laser automation, including the GX-F ADVANCED Series of artificial intelligence-enabled fiber lasers and the ASTES4 High Speed ADVANCED laser automation system.


Unprecedented Performance

We design and manufacture every critical component that goes into our laser systems from the cutting machine to resonator and control unit. Our vast line-up of 2D and 3D laser processing machines offer the ultimate in speed, accuracy and flexibility.

Complete Automation 

Automation systems that precisely meet the needs of users, applicable to CO2 and fiber laser processing machines.

Mitsubishi Electric's stocker systems optimize the laser system's production efficiency and allow for zero-micro-joint processing.

Industry-Leading Software 

Easy-to-use CAD/CAM system that lets you create excellent NC programs using Mitsubishi Electric's processing knowhow.

Experienced Service

We have fostered enduring partnerships with our partners by leveraging our 20 years of industry experience and prioritizing an outcome-oriented mindset for our clients.

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